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    Monster Partners has been around since late 1995. Our flagship site CheerGirls is known by all the old schoolers in this industry and regarded as the best and biggest cheerleader site on the web. Since 1995, we have taken things alot further and will continue to innovate with industry breaking sites like PantyJobs

     All of our sites are 100% original and exclusive. This is important when it comes to customers rebilling. Unlike some of the big PPS programs out there - we care about our members. We're not banking on a volume of signups that forget to cancel. We actually *gasp* give the member what he wants. WOW! What a novel idea huh?

  With some of the brightest minds in this industry behind Monster Partners, you are going to experience a revolution in the revshare market.    When it comes to keeping our members, we go above and beyond what any run-of-the-mill PPS sponsor will put forth. Our videos are encoded at 2mbps bitrates that members (and review sites) simply rave about. Monster Partners is all about giving both our affiliates and members exactly what they want.

On the Horizon

     We have plenty of interesting projects on the go. Some are new, some are "keeping with the Jones". We'll be offerring RSS feeds for both TGP and blogs. Free hosted plugin feeds are on the way, as well as paid plugins for members areas

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